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Hello Again!

2012-07-11 19:41:31 by JorNcar

So I am back for one last Hurrah. Anyone remember the 5 shades of purple, i'm finally revisiting my lost project. After a long hiatus, I have finally gotten the nerve to finish what I think is my best movie yet (while probably is still not that good). I have been out of the animating world for so long now that it is incredibly weird to start again. I can't say i'm going to keep it up after this one...

But I promise you this Newgrounds... there will be at least one more movie from me. I hope someone is excited. I surely am!

new movie

2010-04-26 03:46:50 by JorNcar


first one in easy a couple years.

wooooo I have a couple things in the making but they have been for like 2 years so we'll see. this was just a teaser tonight. It probably will get blammed, but if not enjoy it all MOFUCKAS!

new movie

Valentines day movie

2008-02-18 18:29:47 by JorNcar

i'm very happy with the way my valentines day movie turned out. It was the first thing i submitted in over 7 months... and the first thing i animated in SUCH a long time. my wacom pad had broken, which led to my progressive stopping of animating but i figured out how to get around the problem. With in two days i made that valentines day movie, and i think it is quite good. I STILL GOT IT BABY

new movie!

2007-07-17 17:11:04 by JorNcar

im submitting a new movie very soon!
and its about squirrels!!!